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Buick Regal repair matters needing attention and problem analysis
May 12, 2016

一, Buick Regal and maintenance considerations

1, every 5000 km on maintenance

New Regal items must be replaced every 5000 km engine oil and oil filter, the total cost of these two 382.85. Oil 4S store SAE5W-30 is the recommended level of original oil, had to meet this level of lubricating oil for everyday use. Meanwhile, Regal needs to raise 4.5 litres of oil, so you need to buy big/small, a barrel of oil.

2, every 10000 km maintenance projects

Air filter can filter to the air, from dust and small particles out of the combustion chamber, as those will have serious wear and tear parts and equipment for launch. These two parts are original equipment parts, can also be used in the mass of other models.

3, every 20000 required replacement project

When in your car to run up to 20000 km requires not only change the oil and oil filter and air filter, and replaced fuel filter. It filters impurities in fuel to prevent them from entering the cold start valve and injection valve.

4, every 600 million km maintenance items

Spark plugs are sent by pulsed high-voltage discharge high-voltage wire, penetrate the air between two electrodes of spark plug, spark for this mixed gas in the gas tank. Although Sparks was difficult, but the spark plug durability is very high, so we only need once every 20000 km.

Brake fluid is refining diesel fuel and thickener and antioxidants of brake fluid. Alcohol mineral oil brake fluid, brake fluid and three types of synthetic brake fluid. Requirements for brake fluid has a good viscosity-temperature properties, able to work under a wide and low temperature, have good oxidation stability, anti-bubble, rubber swelling, rust-proof, and so on. 4S shop technician recommends once every 40,000 km.

Antifreeze can prevent coolant when cold winter Park ice burst radiator and cold engine block or cover. But we have to correct a misunderstanding, antifreeze is not just in the winter, it should be used throughout the year. And Buick's antifreeze is the original accessories, can rest assured that use.

5, 80000 miles or 1 year the replacement parts

Power steering fluid is stored in the steering fluid reservoir, to the fuel cavity on both sides is a pipe, with a bi-directional piston cylinder in the Middle, it stirred through the power steering pump operation oil the piston to the left or to the right, power steering oil not only play the role of power. Meanwhile, it can also be cleaned of impurities in the oil Chamber and the steering pump, so long the oil is mixed with a lot of impurities, functions will be reduced.

Air conditioning filter device of main role is will filter from outside into car internal of air makes air of clean degrees improve, General of filter material is refers to air in the by contains of impurities, tiny particles real, and pollen, and bacteria, and industrial exhaust and dust,, air conditioning filter device of effect is prevent this class material into air conditioning system damage air conditioning system, to car within took with personnel good of air environment, protection car within personnel of body health, also has is prevent glass atomization.

6, does not need to be replaced periodically but the extent depends on the use of project

The brake is a very important but very grasping-for-time accessories, brake discs will last longer than the brake disc. Because of the different driving habits and conditions of use will cause different brake service life, usually starting from 30,000 kilometers you can ask workers to check brake linings, recommendations to 4~5 million kilometers, the timely replacement to avoid danger in daily driving. Meanwhile, Buick Regal brakes are from different countries, front brake pads from France, rear brake pads from the United States.

Brake disc brake rotor, is a metal disc, is made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel, attached to the wheel rotation. When driving motor vehicles on the brakes brake disc brake calipers caught up to slow down or stop. General circular holes on the brake disc, whose effect is to reduce weight and increase friction. Brake disc range is characterized by thin walls, Center of the platter and formed by the core. Different types of brake discs, disc diameter, thickness of disc and two pieces of gap size differences, disk hub thickness and height also varies. After-sales service technicians will inspect the brakes each time you replace brakes when, after twice proposed to replace brake pads replace brake discs.

Wiper Blade is widely used in auto body accessories, mainly used to scrape on a rainy day in addition to rain on the windshield, also used to wash the windscreen. Generally, there are two types of wiper blades, Wiper Blade of a bone another bone-free wipers, rain Wiper Blade has occurred largely on the limousine. Good wipers must have heat, cold, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden on motor, low noise, strong water, soft scratching windshields and other features to make your vision clear.

Transmission oil can be used in automatic transmissions on the market today, in fact every automatic transmission designs have different technical requirements, even for the same type of gearbox configurations in different models, torque, weight, speed and structure will be different, so the original is assigned its own dedicated transmission oil. While different gearbox oil, is one of the reasons affecting shift quality.