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Car chassis is sound diagnosis and elimination of technical knowledge
May 12, 2016

1, disc brake noise

Disc brake shoes installed on the brake cylinder support rack, two shoe equipped with noise-proof gaskets on the back, left and right with a friction disk support plates or supports spring, both ends are equipped with damping spring or guide plate. These accessories make the brake support, guidance, orientation, vibration effect. But some parts are bent or deformed, damaged or fall off, will lose its function and abnormal noise.

It of sound features is: speed driving in flat road Shi, in axle parts appeared continuous no law of "GA, and GA" sound; speed improve sound slightly has increased, upper and lower slope and the turn Shi sound no changes; in downs road driving, sound obviously; with feet light stepped brake pedal, sound weakened or disappeared; parking check needed top up sent ring of wheels, first Shun turned wheels, let its rotating, again reversed wheels, some Shi will appeared sound.

Apart to check when troubleshooting, bending deformation of parts can be repaired, damaged falling off can be replaced with new parts.

2, the sound of the front suspension ball end

Small vehicles to the front suspension type variety, with longitudinal leaf springs and transverse leaf spring and torsion bar type such as springs or coil springs. Suspension joints the use of ball head instead of the kingpin. Ball joint Assembly are normally closed, and is not removable. Ball seat without nozzle, difficult to lubricate, use for a long time or for use, road conditions and lack of oil and wear and noise.

Its sound characteristics are: low speed when driving on uneven pavement, issued a continuous front axle parts "Cameroon, Cameroon" noises worse road conditions more noise; as the speed increased, sound becomes messy, but not disappeared; Park shook around front noise appears. If vehicles to high-speed document in straight road driving Shi, Qian bridge parts then issued continuous of no law of "Ka, and Ka" sharp sound, is like is steel fracture Hou, two section contact percussion sound; speed improve sound increases, reduced speed sound still not weakened; parking Hou forced shaking vehicles Qian Department, sound appeared, with hand touch to sent ring of ball head parts has vibration feel.

Exclude this failure, can only replace the Assembly.

3, front shock absorber noise

Damage to shock absorber can result in traffic conditions become harsh, if there is damage, on the outside can be seen traces of oil spill, and will produce noise.

Its sound characteristics are: vehicle driving on flat road, slightly before the vehicle can be heard issued "goo, and Goo" sound, sharp sound increase; when the vehicle when driving on uneven pavement, noise, body sent Fluttering in a row, with speed becoming cluttered, slow still does not go away. This noise is often miscalculation on the other parts of the front axle. When you stop, push springback in front to make it up and down, the sound appears, bigger sound increases and felt inflexible, not gentle; sound when opened the door at the wheel can be heard.

Front shock absorber failure reasons, mainly often to bad roads and driver's improper operation and long mileage, oil spills damage caused. Troubleshoot this, should generally be replaced with new parts.

4, drive shaft universal joint noise

Cars are mostly front drive, it's the primary gearbox with shaft between steering wheel, using a constant-velocity universal joint. Only Peugeot car transmission output cross-shaft universal joint with the shaft drive.

Front drive constant-velocity universal joint if there is fault, makes noise in the driving motor vehicles, especially when turning or sudden acceleration, will issue a "Ka Ka" sound. Maintenance should be carried out at this time, universal joint is the cause of clearance is too large or BU, needed replacement parts. Attention when replaced with molybdenum disulfide grease.

Vehicles equipped with cross axle universal joints, its sound characteristics are: when when the vehicle is traveling at slower speeds, the underbody can hear a dry rub ", and" sounds like alternator bearing oil dry friction rings, clear rhythm. Speed sound more obvious, the slow slide put the transmission in neutral, voice weakened. Cross shaft has a shortage of oil at this time wear should be split to break down under check, clean fuel. When cross shaft is badly worn off when open, the sound will be more obvious, acceleration, deceleration, taxiing, will hear at every stall "slightly and the slightly", until shut off the sound before it disappeared. Diagnose the failure, vehicles can be parked on the trench, check the cross pines open, depending on the repair or replacement.

Causing the spider axis major causes of abnormal sound is no lubrication and maintenance repairs not caused. Minor wear, detachable clip off the cross axle, steel bowls and rolling pin, and then washed and covered with grease, if the ablation serious should be replaced.

In judging the troubleshooting Peugeot cars drive universal joints must take into account its special structure. Drive shaft and General motor connections are not the same, drive shaft out and thrust tube, abnormal noise or shaking occurs because, with the exception of common driveshaft bent, Hua Jiansong open, universal joint loose outside the desert, should also take into account the thrust the ball end of the tube is intact.