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Industrial brakes key enterprises: analysis of China's leading enterprises of industrial brakes
May 12, 2016

With the revitalization of equipment manufacturing and development, domestic production of brakes also have significantly increased, and brake industry's sales growth. What are the key enterprise of industrial brakes? Latest analysis of industrial brakes leading enterprises in China are as follows:

Leading enterprises of industrial brakes: industrial brakes mainly for lifting machinery and raw materials, marine shipping, metallurgy mining machinery, wind power and nuclear power equipment and the market capacity of 3.5 billion yuan. Hwa Wu shares is the leading enterprise of industrial brakes, market share is about 10%. 44% for industrial brakes market in China at present occupied by foreign brands, large import substitution in the high-end products in space.

Success in wind turbine brake market: 2013 formally put into production of wind power brake, 2014 revenue which reached 100 million Yuan expected 2015 years of rapid growth.

More brake of latest industry market analysis information, please check out 2015-2020 issued China report Hall industrial brake industry market research and development Outlook report.

Wind turbine brake current market demand 1 billion yuan per year, by 2020 wind power brake demand reached 1.5 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rates of 8%. The products currently for France Sime-Stromag and Denmark Svendborg led products 30% lower than foreign brands, a higher cost.

Rail brake, opens the growth ceiling: 2015 the company completed the acquisition of equity 100% Pang Feng, Shanghai, into areas of rail brake. Pang Feng, Shanghai is China's only low-floor tram brake systems qualified enterprises, research and development strength;

Current rail brake market space of 6 billion yuan and expected 2020 market space of up to 15 billion yuan, annual compound growth rates of 16%; the market is Germany g Noel, France Faiveley foreign brands such as monopoly, the company is expected to the Metro area's first breakthrough.