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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drum Brakes And Brake Disc
Sep 26, 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of drum brakes and Brake Disc
      In the previous news, we have a certain understanding of the Brake Disc. So, who is better for drum brakes and Brake Disc? Which is more convenient to use, the role of greater it?
      First, let's take a look at the drum brakes:
      Drum brake is also called block brake, is pressed by the brake block on the brake wheel to achieve the brake.
      Drum brake is the early design of the braking system, the design of the brake drum 1902 has been used in the carriage, until about 1920 began to widely used in the automotive industry.
      Now the drum brake is the mainstream of the internal, its brake block (brake shoe) is located inside the brake wheel, brake in the brake when the block open, friction brake wheel inside, to achieve the purpose of braking.
      Compare the Brake Disc:
      Relative to the Brake Disc, the drum brake brake performance and heat dissipation are much worse, drum brake braking force stability is poor, in different road braking force changes greatly, not easy to control.
      And because of poor heat dissipation, in the braking process will gather a lot of heat. Brake block and drum drum under the influence of high temperature more prone to extremely complex deformation, prone to brake recession and vibration phenomenon, causing the brake efficiency.
      In addition, the drum brakes in the use of a period of time, to regularly adjust the gap in the brake shoe, or even the entire brake drum to clean up the accumulation of brake powder. Of course, drum brakes are not useless, it is cheap, and in line with traditional design.
      Four-wheel car in the braking process, due to the role of inertia, the front wheel load is usually the total load of 70% to 80% of the car, the front wheel braking force than the rear wheel, rear wheel auxiliary brake action, so the car Manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of drum before the drum before the way.
      However, for heavy vehicles, because the speed is generally not very high, the brake shoe durability is also higher than the Brake Disc, so many heavy vehicles still use the four-wheel drum design.
      The working principle of the drum brake is basically the same as that of the Brake Disc: the brake shoe presses the rotating surface, which is called the drum.
    Brake Disc work characteristics: Brake Disc with a brake clamp clamped with the wheel with the rotation of the Brake Disc leaving the car brake, Brake Disc classification generally to clamp the number of different pistons. Can also be fixed in the form of brackets fixed on the bracket, can be divided into two kinds of fixed and floating.
     The floating clamp type brake cylinder is mounted on one side with respect to the Brake Disc, and the clamp can also be moved axially except for the pump piston. The fixed clamp type brake cylinder is divided on both sides with respect to the Brake Disc, and only the cylinder piston can be moved and the braking force is large.
     As the Brake Disc exposed to the air, easy to heat, so high-speed braking when the braking performance is superior. The dirt, dust, or water that sticks to the brakes can be removed by the centrifugal action of the Brake Disc or scratched by the brake clamps without affecting the braking effect, and the Brake Disc is usually double- There are cooling pieces, can further improve the cooling effect.