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Analysis On The Noise Of Car Brake Disc
Jun 08, 2017

Analysis on the Noise of Car Brake Disc  
With the increase in car sales, the demand for automotive brake discs is also increasing. The majority of user groups on the car's performance requirements have also risen from the basic practicality to the comfort. Which is an important indicator is the car noise, on the part of the Car Brake Disc  brake noise. As a starting point to do the original OEM OEM OEM manufacturers, Bo Yun company with domestic and foreign manufacturers with different models of the braking system for strict noise matching test, accumulated a large number of different models of test data and noise optimization results. Here we will talk about the integrity of the approved noise test results is how to do it.
First, the advanced experimental equipment
      The world's largest supplier of friction materials testing equipment, the American Automobile Industry Association, affiliated companies, LINK company, to provide a flexible and flexible control software with powerful control platform known in the industry, Bo Yun has two performance platform, a Taiwan noise platform, compression performance testing machine and road data acquisition system are from the LINK company. Noise platform can complete a variety of test procedures for noise test, in a few thousand steps of the test, a variety of road conditions and braking conditions are simulated. These advanced testing equipment each year in addition to equipment calibration calibration time, the rest of the time are busy running.
Second, the overall performance optimization
     Friction material performance assessment indicators are many, such as the stability of the friction coefficient, good wear resistance, moderate hardness, the appropriate compression performance, thermal expansion, high temperature performance, low noise rate, small wear on the Car Brake Disc The For the R & D personnel of friction materials, the development of a formula, the need for hundreds of times the test, all the performance indicators are optimized, the best formula is optimized to meet the requirements of the car factory formula. In the company, each year in the R & D in the new recipe there are twenty, the final recipe by the customer acceptance, and then continue to promote to a variety of models. Noise is a very important indicator, but in fact the results achieved through the experiment is low noise, but not zero noise. Because of different traffic conditions, different road conditions, different brake conditions, making the same formula of the Car Brake Disc  in different users of the noise performance will be different.
Third, a strong engineering capacity
     A recipe after friction material performance is preferred after the application becomes the actual Car Brake Disc  product, there is still much work to be done. In the process of engineering, there are still many details of the improvement and application will affect the actual driving noise. The most basic, such as the shape of the design of the friction plate, slotted chamfer, the shape of the friction plate backplane, the number and position of the pins on the backplane, the selection of the silencer and the design of the shape, The thickness and inclination of the foot, the material and size of the inner guide spring, the micro-element content of the brake disc, and so on. These differences in the real car will cause timely differences in the use of noise, which requires our professional friction materials R & D team and brake factory sincere cooperation, common in the brake design process will solve a variety of problems.
 After this series of test and design work, this time to produce the Car Brake Disc  is already low noise high comfort friction plate, then whether it is applied to no problem? Not necessarily. But for a rigorous noise R & D and production of automotive Car Brake Disc business, the occasional occurrence of noise must also be found. Based on the common understanding of the causes and testing process, whether it is end customers, or retailers will rationally look at this issue.