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Bearing Brake Disc Use Precautions
Aug 03, 2017

Bearing Brake Disc use precautions
The Bearing Brake Disc is a kind of connector which will transmit the active side torque to the passive side. It can be freely combined, cut off or brake, because of the use of electromagnetic force to move, called the electromagnetic clutch, Bearing Brake Disc, With the response speed, simple structure and so on.
A mechanical part that stops or decelerates moving parts in a machine. Commonly known as brakes, gates. Bearing Bearing Brake Disc mainly by the brake frame, brake parts and control devices and other components. Some Bearing Bearing Brake Disc are also equipped with automatic adjustment of the gap between the brake device. In order to reduce the braking torque and structural dimensions, the Bearing Bearing Brake Disc are usually mounted on the high speed shaft of the equipment, but large equipment (such as mine hoists, elevators, etc.) with high safety requirements should be installed near the equipment working part On the low speed shaft.
Some Bearing Bearing Brake Disc have been standardized and serialized and manufactured by a professional factory for selection.
Bearing Brake Disc is an ideal automation in the modern industry, the implementation of components in the mechanical transmission system, mainly from the transmission of power and control movement and so on. It has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, responsive, long life, reliable use and easy remote control.
It is mainly related to the series of motors. Widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, food, machine tools, stage, elevators, ships, packaging and other machinery, and in the power (anti-dangerous) braking and other occasions.
The resistance torque that must be applied to stop or decelerate the mechanical running parts is called the braking torque. Braking torque is the design, selection of Bearing Brake Disc basis, the size of the mechanical type and work requirements. The performance of the friction material (brake) used on the Bearing Brake Disc directly affects the braking process, and the main factors affecting its performance are the working temperature and the temperature rise speed. Friction materials should have high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance. Friction materials are metal and nonmetallic. The former commonly used cast iron, steel, bronze and powder metallurgy friction materials, the latter are leather, rubber, wood and asbestos.
1, please use the Bearing Brake Disc in the absence of moisture, oil, etc. If the friction parts are stained with moisture or oil and other substances, the friction torque will be greatly reduced and the sensitivity of the brake will be deteriorated. To avoid these conditions, please add a cover.
2, in the dust a lot of places to use, please bearing the brake disc into the box all. 60KGM below the Bearing Brake Disc can use upright, even higher models can also be used.
3, used to install the Bearing Brake Disc long axis size Please use JIS0401 H6 or JS6 specifications. For the key used to mount the shaft, use one of the regulations specified in JIS B1301-1959.
4, taking into account the thermal expansion and other factors, the installation of the axis of the thrust, please choose the following 0.2MM.
5, the installation of the mechanical adjustment of the gap will be adjusted to plus or minus 20% of the specified value.
6, please keep the bracket light, do not use the Bearing Brake Disc bearings bear heavy pressure.
7, For the assembly of the screws, please use the spring metal sheet, then the agent to prevent relaxation of the treatment.
8, while using the mechanical side of the frame to maintain the lead at the same time, but also the use of terminal boards and other real connection.