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Brake Disc Diameter And Thickness
Jun 19, 2017

Brake Disc  diameter and thickness
1. Brake Disc  diameter
Brake Disc  diameter D should be taken as much as possible, then the effective radius of the Brake Disc  is increased, you can reduce the clamping force of the clamp, reducing the unit pressure and operating temperature of the pad. By the limit of the rim diameter, the diameter of the Brake Disc  is usually selected to be 70% to 79% of the diameter of the rim. The total mass of more than 2t of the car should take the upper limit.
2. Brake Disc  thickness
The thickness of the Brake Disc  affects the quality of the Brake Disc  and the temperature rise at work. In order to make the quality smaller, the Brake Disc  thickness should not be made very large; in order to reduce the temperature, the Brake Disc  thickness should not be too small. The Brake Disc  can be made solid, or the ventilation ducts need to be cast in the middle of the Brake Disc  for cooling ventilation. General solid Brake Disc  thickness can be taken as 10-20mm, ventilation Brake Disc  thickness of 20 ~ 50mm, using more is 20-30mm. In the high-speed movement under the emergency braking, the Brake Disc  will form a thermal deformation, resulting in trembling. In order to improve the thermal performance of the friction surface of the Brake Disc , most of the Brake Disc  made of hollow hollow ventilated disc, so that the Brake Disc  temperature can be reduced by 20% to 30% ...
In order to ensure that the Brake Disc  is running continuously, it must be regularly maintained and maintained:

1, often in the Brake Disc  movable part of the addition of lubricant.

2, regularly check the length of the armature travel. Because during the operation of the brake, the length of the armature will increase due to the wear of the cutting surface. When the length of the armature stroke is less than normal, it must be adjusted to restore the minimum clearance between the brake surface and the turntable. If the length of the armature stroke increases above normal, it is possible to greatly reduce the suction.

3, if you replace the wear of the brake surface, should be re-adjust the brake surface and the minimum gap between the turntable.

4, often check the tightening of the bolt, in particular, to tighten the solenoid bolts, electromagnets and shell bolts, yoke bolts, solenoid coil bolts and wiring bolts.

5, regularly check the mechanical parts of the mechanical wear and tear, and remove the surface of the electromagnetic parts of the dust, hair and dirt.