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Brake Disc Have A Better Braking Effect Than The Drums
Oct 13, 2017

Brake Disc have a better braking effect than the drums
Disc Brake Disc is a round plate, the car when it is also moving. Brake calipers are used to clamp the Brake Disc to produce brake force. Its relatively rotating Brake Disc are fixed. When you brake the brake, it locks the Brake Disc to slow down or stops. Brake Disc brake effect than the drums of the reasons for what?
Disc brake brake force is weak, the actual drum brake area is not large, the natural braking efficiency is not drum brake good, but the drums there is the biggest problem, heat recession, strong limit brake will make the brake drum fever, eventually leading to gap change Large, brake longer, and ultimately is invalid. But the drum brake low cost, braking power, so the truck is the drum brake.
Many car rear wheel is drum brake, low cost, and small car power, generally rarely used to do the limit control, so the rear drum drum is very economical. But because the front wheel brake to bear 75% of the power, so are the front plate after the drum Including a lot of rear drive, before and after the disc brake, is also in front of the Brake Disc, behind the smaller. In front of the hollow dish, followed by a solid dish and so on.
But the disc brake has a gradual process, it is easy to control the braking force, and the Brake Disc with the wheel when the contact with the air surface is very large, there are few signs of thermal recession, long brake can maintain a good braking effect, some Super sports car, before and after the use of ceramic fiber Brake Disc, is to avoid the heat recession.
Brake Disc material mostly cast iron material, but also in the long-term exposure, the working environment is relatively vicious, often encounter the test of the two days of ice. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, or in a humid environment, the Brake Disc surface will produce some rust, and these rust more or less will affect the normal work of the brake system, so we need to be conscious Remove it.
If there is only a slight rust on the surface, then we can use the continuous braking method of driving to clear it, of course, this is to ensure safety and does not affect the premise of public transport. Driving, the light on the brakes, so that the brake pads and Brake Disc friction will surface "polishing" can be.
If the rusty situation is more serious, we do not recommend the use of the above brakes on the method of rust. When the rust will cause a lot of Brake Disc surface uneven, in which case the brake will cause the body of the jitter, the driver can clearly feel the brake pedal, steering wheel and body abnormalities. At this point, it will be difficult to get rid of rust, even reluctantly "polished", afterwards will cause abnormal wear pads, there will still be jitter situation.
So we had the best vehicles into the repair shop, the Brake Disc removed, with sandpaper rust treatment will be clean, check the brake surface with or without abnormal, after the installation of the road test. In the flat road at a speed of 70KM / H speed, a number of braking, to ensure that no exception can be. If there is a jitter situation, it means that the Brake Disc surface is uneven, need to do further polishing leveling or as appropriate to replace it.
As the performance and speed of the vehicle and the daily increase, in order to increase the stability of the vehicle at high speed braking, Brake Disc has become the mainstream of the current braking system, but you know how the operation of the brake is like?
The piston of the Brake Disc drives the inner brake plate through the pressure of the brake tubing, and pulls the caliper through the reaction force so that the outer Brake Disc is inward, and both are pressed against the Brake Disc, through the Brake Disc and inside and outside Brake piece friction produces a braking force. This process, pushing the piston is to rely on brake fluid, that is, hydraulic oil, which is mainly engine power.
The braking force of the Brake Disc is mainly from the caliper. Usually the Brake Disc of the Brake Disc is fixed in the inner brake piston pump part, the outside is a caliper structure. Brake Disc The inner brake pads are fixed to the piston pump of the vehicle and the brake pads on the outside of the Brake Disc are fixed to the outside of the caliper.
Brake Disc are one of the most important components of the car. With the popularity of today's cars, the use of Brake Disc in our daily life is becoming more and more common. Because the performance of Brake Disc is less likely to decline, Let the vehicle get better braking effect, in order to enhance the safety of the vehicle.