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Brake Drum Requirements For The Brake System
Sep 26, 2017

Brake Drum requirements for the brake system
    Brake Drum is a component that controls the operation of the vehicle. There are many types according to different needs. It can be divided into belt, Species, according to the different brake mechanism, can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic and so on.
    Brake Drum in the brake system requirements:
    The brake system is a mechanism that ensures safe travel of the vehicle, usually with the following specific requirements.
    1) There should be sufficient braking torque, and the main parts and operating mechanism must be of sufficient strength to ensure reliable operation.
    2) Operation should be labor-saving, the braking process should be smooth, the braking force should be steadily increased with the pedal down.
    3) Brake Drum should have good sealing and cooling performance, and the friction surface is not easy to be contaminated, so as not to reduce the braking effect.
    4) Brake Drum The operating mechanism shall enable the Brake Drum to maintain the braking condition for a long time so that the tractor can be parked on the slopes for a long time.
    Even if only the normal use, after a long period of use, Brake Drum brake effect will occur deviation, then the cause of the brake deviation of what ah?
    (1) If the vehicle is running normally when there is deviation, then first do the following appearance check: check the left and right wheel tire pressure, pattern and wear degree are the same; check the shock absorber is oil or failure; check the suspension spring is broken or Whether the elasticity is consistent.
    ② support the wheel, hand rotation and axial push wheel tires. If the side of the wheel is loose or too tight feeling, should re-adjust the bearing preload; if the wheel has a card or abnormal sound, should check the wheel hub bearing is damaged or destroyed.
    ③ road test car. After braking, if the car to the side of the deviation, then the other side of the wheel brake bad.
    First, the wheel Brake Drum is deflated. If there is no brake fluid spray, indicating that the wheel brake pipe blockage, should be replaced. If there is air in the brake fluid, indicating that the wheel brake pipe mixed with air, should be discharged.
    Observe the wheel Brake Drum gap, if Brake Drum gap is too large, indicating that the brake shoe friction plate wear serious or brake self-adjusting device failure, should be replaced
    The above inspection is normal, the wheel should be demolished. Check whether the brake disc or brake drum is worn or even trench, if the wear is too much, should be replaced; if there is a serious groove, should be turning or boring; check the brake shoe friction plate (friction pad) whether there is oil or Wet and wear too much, if the friction plate (lining) have oil or water, should identify the cause and clean up; if the friction plate wear too much, should be replaced; check the brake wheel cylinder or brake caliper piston, if oil Or card phenomenon, should be replaced.
    ④ If the brake, there suddenly left and right deviation deviation, you should check whether the front wheel positioning requirements, if the front wheel positioning is not correct. Should be adjusted; check the steering mechanism is loose, if loose, should be fastened, adjusted or replaced.
    ⑤ If the brake occurs, the vehicle appears flicking phenomenon, should check the sensor load proportional valve is faulty.
     Brake Drum used for a long time, will lead to Brake Drum brake failure, the following we come together to understand the next Brake Drum brake does not work out the way. Step on the brake pedal to do the brake test, according to the feeling when the brake pedal, check the corresponding parts:
    ① step on the brake pedal, pedal in the end and no reaction; continuous step on the brake pedal can step on the end, and the feeling of resistance is very small. It should check the liquid level in the liquid chamber is consistent with the requirements, if the liquid level below the line or "MIN" line below, indicating that the brake fluid level is too low; check the brake pedal linkage mechanism Off.
    ② continuous step on the brake pedal, the pedal height is still too low, and in the first foot after the brake, feel the master pump piston does not return, depress the brake pedal that is the brake master cylinder and piston sound, You should check the master cylinder piston return spring is too soft; the master cylinder of the cup is broken.
    ③ continuous step on several times when the brake pedal, the pedal height is low and soft, you should check the brake cylinder into the oil hole or the liquid storage chamber is blocked.
    ④ When the pedal is pressed on the pedal, the pedal height is slightly increased and the pedal height is slightly increased and the elasticity is increased. You should check whether there is gas in the system.
    ⑤ When the brake pedal is depressed, the pedal height is low. When the pedal height is increased and the braking performance is improved, the brake pedal's free travel and the gap of the Brake Drum should be checked The