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China's Truck Brake Disc Volume Is Increasing
Jul 03, 2017

China's Truck Brake Disc volume is increasing

In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile industry, it has created good development opportunities for the development of domestic Truck Brake Disc   industry. The Truck Brake Disc  is commonly known as the brake, which is an important mechanical part to stop or decelerate the moving parts in the machine. At present, there are four large Truck Brake Disc  production bases in China, such as yingkou in liaoning province, wuhu in anhui province, and Ryan in wenzhou, zhejiang province, and yuyao sanqi town. With the continuous consolidation of Truck Brake Disc   and ABS in China, related products have started to export to overseas, and the export volume has been bullish in recent years.

In China under the background of automotive safety standard unceasingly strengthens, passenger and commercial vehicles began to shift to the disc Truck Brake Disc  braking system, ABS began by senior passenger vehicle to economical type passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, with the department of foreign manufacturers to shift production and research and development of national system manufacturers in China to make progress, technical higher air pressure disc volume production of Truck Brake Disc , ABS system construction and continuous development. In 2007, the number of car Truck Brake Disc  production increased by 24% year on year to 28.04 million, and the production ratio of disc Truck Brake Disc  increased from 3.2% in 1998 to 41.8% in 2007. In 2007, the total output of ABS produced by the six statistical objects was more than 1.13 million.

In the late 1990s, China automobile Truck Brake Disc  industry to produce drum Truck Brake Disc  mainly; In the early 2000 s, with the expansion of passenger car production, began to brake performance and heat dissipation is superior to the drum trucks the disc brake disc brake disc transition, 2007 disc Truck Brake Disc  production scale up to 11.7 million, to 1998 in 188. At the same time, the ABS range extends from advanced passenger cars to small cars and economy cars, and high-end commercial vehicles are also starting to be heavily armed with ABS. By 2008, the penetration rate of passenger vehicles using hydraulic ABS increased to more than 90%. In high-end commercial vehicles, the demand for pressure ABS, large passenger cars and heavy trains in high-end light buses is still expanding. In this case, Truck Brake Disc s and ABS suppliers are also committed to building supply systems while expanding equipment investment. Figures show that the value of Truck Brake Disc s in 2007 rose to $340 million, or seven times the value of exports in 2001. In 2007, ABS exports rose 49.5% from 2003 to $9.46 million.

However, Truck Brake Disc  products are mainly exported to foreign markets for tractor, trailer, bus, mining dump truck, light truck and heavy duty train, used for passenger car exports very little. Domestic Truck Brake Disc  production enterprise mainly to domestic automakers, such as zhejiang asia-pacific mechanical and electrical main form a complete set of the first automobile, changan auto, dongfeng motor, faw Volkswagen, Shanghai gm, Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Benz, chery automobile, etc., wanxiang group, mainly supporting dongfeng motor, the first car. Arguably, the Chinese truck brake market has been monopolized by foreign and national brands. However, hit the 13.5 million mark in 2009, China's auto production, to form a complete set of car parts at home and abroad to create the largest market cannot be ignored, for the national system of Truck Brake Disc  providers is not miss, realizing big opportunity which progresses by leaps and bounds. Therefore, domestic suppliers should seize various opportunities in this period to enhance brand awareness and reputation, and strive for more recognition from buyers at home and abroad.