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Common Noise, Fault And Inspection Methods For Car Brake Disc
Jun 26, 2017

Common noise, fault and inspection methods for Car Brake Disc  
  There are several types of common noise in the Car Brake Disc , respectively, for high frequency screaming, low frequency howling, boring reverberation. How did these problems arise? What should we do when we encounter these situations?
    High-frequency sounds sharp, when the brake disc and brake disc vibration frequency of the same, they resonate produce screams. Check the calipers: whether the rails are smooth and the piston seals are damaged. Are all the anti-noise clips and the brake pads fit and installed correctly; whether the brake pads are too smooth and excessive use.
    Generally known as caliper noise, caused by the vibration of the caliper component, may also be caused by the suspension system vibration. New car calipers or suspension systems have a slight shock, early morning sensitivity, such as winter morning, especially common. Check calipers, suspension systems and bushings.
    Generally in the pedal relaxation situation, easy to lead to steering wheel jitter. New models are prone to such problems, caused by differences in the thickness of the brake disc, maintenance of the cage connection, check the degree of wear of the brake pads.
    Brake disc wear abnormal, this is due to the brake disc surface dirty, brake disc material density is not uniform, too high operating temperature, brake disc installation torque does not match. Check that the brake disc must be checked before replacing the brake pads; check the brake disc thickness with a caliper; reinstall the fixed brake disc bolts; measure the flatness of the brake disc surface.
Car Brake Disc s. As the name implies, he in the process of vehicle braking certainly plays a role can not be ignored. So why are there so many vehicles out of the Car Brake Disc s? How can we prevent it? Look at the reporter's investigation
To understand the role of the Car Brake Disc , have to start from the brake system works. Brake system, the driver is the most intuitive to see the car's brake pedal, in addition, the main components include brake master cylinder, brake vacuum booster pump, four wheel brake cylinder and brake calipers, and brake discs and car brakes plate. When the driver depresses the brake pedal, the piston in the brake master cylinder is pushed and then the pressure is transmitted through the brake oil, and the pressure is transmitted through the brake oil to the brake cylinder of the brake caliper, thereby pushing the brake disc Tight brake discs.
From the brake system is not difficult to see the working principle, the direct brake friction is the brake disc and Car Brake Disc . Through the friction between the two, the vehicle has the kinetic energy into heat, so as to achieve the purpose of braking, it can be said that the quality of the Car Brake Disc  directly determines the braking performance of the vehicle. So, the current market is sold by the Car Brake Disc  is how to classify it?
The price of the Car Brake Disc s on the market ranges from tens to hundreds of dollars. While the business in the sale are stressed in the original and deputy plant. The so-called original factory, in fact, is the difference between genuine and imitation. In addition to price differences, for the quality difference, businesses are well aware of.
It is understood that some informal manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the production will be a lot of use of cheap metal debris. The regular manufacturers in order to ensure the braking performance, friction in the Car Brake Disc  material on the ratio of particular attention. So as to effectively avoid the braking process, the brake failure or wheel lock, steering wheel out of control, Car Brake Disc  ignition caused by dangerous tires and other dangerous consequences. Can be seen in the Car Brake Disc  problem can not save money.
Finally, the need to remind you that even if the maintenance properly, the general small car front of the Car Brake Disc  every thirty thousand to forty thousand kilometers should also be replaced, because the back piece wear less than the front, the front piece of each change twice, after the film should be Replace once. In addition, the current large number of vehicles on the instrument panel also have a prompt sign.