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Dongfeng Citroen C5 Brake Pads Worn Brake Disc Temperature
May 12, 2016

Car buying has opened more than 4W kilometers, during which basic without any questions, September 15 4S shop doing maintenance (about 3W9 kilometers), are told rear brake pad wear a lot needs to be replaced (even faster than the front wheels wear ... ), Security first so replaced has, zhihou total feel brake disc wear than always badly (see drawings, a spectres very obviously, can touch out), until December late, has once got off smell to a unit burn paste of taste, found is from left Hou round of brake disc in out of, then whole brake disc has very hot, including whole wheel are is hot of, water sub up directly evaporation has. Was not opened, called trailer to the 4S shops, has cooled off a bit, but entire brake disc temperature had a little redness, 4S shop check says was caused by a brake cylinder does not return, also found traces of brake oil spill (may be caused by high temperature deformation of sealing ring). Need replaced brake pump Assembly, I not recognized the claims, later Advisory has local other several 4S shop, are reaction C5 this models almost not occurred brake points pump not back bit of situation also no encountered had, so I suspected is brake tablets quality problem or brake tablets installation not in place caused of, hold with this questions I to has local a specifically maintenance Citroen car of maintenance shop, apart detection Hou feedback brake points pump no rust, and back bit normal, while will brake disc wear photos Advisory has many C5 owners, Are not worn properly, 6W kilometre run car brake disc wear and tear are the bad as me, and I was on daily commuting, driving without violence, and found in the China Automotive quality network user feedback the same problem (see photo), the same location! Can be sure not to forget to let go the brake, Handbrake didn't put a continuous alarm, hope 4S shops pay attention to the problem, and provide a reasonable argument, rather than just saying it is normal!