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How To Adjust The Car Brake Disc?
Jul 21, 2017

How to adjust the Car Brake Disc?

The adjustment of brake shoe friction disc and the gap of Car Brake Disc can be adjusted according to the need. Local adjustment: only use the brake lever to change the original position of the brake CAM. Adjust worm gear and adjust worm gear in the cavity surrounded by the brake lever shaft and the cover of both sides. Single line adjustment worm borrow the spline set on the worm shaft. Adjust the spline of the worm wheel to the outer spline of the brake CAM shaft. , Car Brake Disc turning worm wheel brake slack adjuster and the brake chamber pushrod under the condition of the relative position of the same, make through worm gear brake camshaft turned a certain Angle, so as to change the original position of brake CAM shaft.

The relative position of the worm shaft and brake adjusting arm is fixed by locking and locking screw. The locking sleeve with hexagon hole is pressed into the hole of the brake adjusting arm body, Car Brake Disc and the worm can be rotated. The worm turns six quarters of the time and sets the lock, and the spring locks to the left limit of the socket. When making a comprehensive adjustment, the brake shoe with eccentric shaft neck should also be rolled in the same time, with 2.5 eccentricity.

In the replacement of brake shoe lining, reprocessed Car Brake Disc friction surface or due to remove the backing plate after the CAM brake underwriting the rotation and position change, undermining the brake shoe lining with the correct contact state of Car Brake Disc, the need for comprehensive adjustment. Comprehensive adjustment order: first of all take the review of Car Brake Disc cover, loosen the brake shoe of underwriting fixed nut and camshaft bracket fastening bolt nut, then turn the brake shoe eccentric underwriting, make two eccentric supporting pin end tag itself relatively; Iterate through the budge slack adjusters brake branch underwriting and worm shaft, make the disc brake friction disc and car fully fit, in this position carefully adjusted fixed nut and tighten the stents brake shoe bearing lock nut, finally will worm shaft loosen 3 a 4 ring, auto brake disc should be free to turn, and not with the brake shoe friction slices or brushed against other parts. At this time, the gap between the brake shoe friction disc and the Car Brake Disc is: the underwrite end 0.25 0.40 mm, the CAM end 0.40 O. 55mm, the difference between the two feet should not be greater than 0.1mm.

In addition, the brake shoe lining after wear, brake chamber pushrod schedule if more than 4 mm, in order to reduce the clearance between the Car Brake Disc and the brake shoe friction piece, should be partially adjusted (at this time can't turn the underwriting, lest destroy the original contact good condition). When local adjustment, facing the adjustment arm screw, the two clockwise direction of the front wheel turn the worm shaft to tighten, and the worm is twisted in the counterclockwise direction; The two sides of the rear wheel turn clockwise and the worm is loose, and the counterclockwise turn is tight.

Car Brake Disc to make the outside world (mainly road) in auto parts (mainly the wheels) exert a certain force, which to a certain degree of force braking are collectively referred to as a series of special device braking system. Its function is: to make the driving car to the driver's request to carry out the forced deceleration or even stop; To stabilize the vehicle in a variety of road conditions (including on the ramp); The speed of the car running downhill is stable.

Of Car Brake Disc brake role can only be role and direction in the car and the car moving in the opposite direction of the force, and the size of these forces are random, not to control, so the car must be installed on a series of special device to achieve the above functions.