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How To Make The Brake Drum To Avoid Defects
Oct 13, 2017

How to make the Brake Drum to avoid defects
Porosity is the main drawback in the production of bimetallic Brake Drums, mainly distributed in the inner and outer walls of the Brake Drum. In order to get a complete Brake Drum cast, how to prevent it?
First, in the casting Brake Drum castings, to reduce the alloy when the heat overheating temperature, to minimize the melting of the alloy liquid and gas contact time.
Second, we should pay attention to the surface of steel parts of the oxide and stains, so the steel plate to sandblasting; remember to dry steel parts.
Third, in the cast iron and steel parts of the place, we should pay attention to brushing Qiqi paint.
Fourth, in the process to open exhaust (overflow) riser, so that the cavity gas can be discharged in time.
5, shorten the shape of the box with the casting time interval, to avoid the steel from the mold to absorb moisture.
 The above five small book about the five information is to avoid the Brake Drum hole prevention measures, I hope today's introduction can bring you benefits.
In the car will basically have a Brake Drum, some friends will ask the Brake Drum fever is how the matter, the following for everyone about the cause of the Brake Drum fever and solutions.
If the Brake Drum is hot, you can put the front wheel of the car up, turn the tire to see the rotation rub rub does not rub. And then turn the tires and step on the brakes to try to see the brake back to the card is not card, if the tire rotation is not flexible, indicating that the Brake Drum inside the interference, if the brake does not return or slow back, that is the braking system There is a problem, need to be timely to repair.
Tire is the most inside the Brake Drum, that is, after opening to see the bearing to install the shaft head, the shaft is generally hot bearing assembly is too tight or poor lubrication caused by the high temperature will lead to the inside of the grease melt Flow out to affect the braking effect, serious burned bearings. If the shaft is hot, be careful, may be inside the bearing too tight or abnormal wear, you can properly adjust the bearing.
As we all know, as long as the brakes, all the car's Brake Drum will be hot. The faster the car, the greater the weight, the higher the degree of heat generated by the brake, which is the principle of energy for the change, but if your car Brake Drums have become hot, then we should pay attention to the above problems.
The Brake Drum is shaped like a tambourine cast iron piece, fixed with the tire and rotating at the same speed. Brake Drum has better reactivity and stability, better heat dissipation and so on. What are the specific advantages of the Brake Drum?
1, the Brake Drum has the role of automatic braking, brake system can use a lower oil pressure, or can use a little smaller than the brake disc Brake Drum.
2, when the installation of hand brake mechanism is very easy, and some rear wheel device disc brake models, will be installed in the center of the drum drum brakes brake brakes.
3, Brake Drum parts of the processing and composition is relatively simple, there is a relatively low manufacturing costs.
Brake Drum is one of the most important parts of the car, with it we are relieved to travel smoothly on the road, so it is necessary to understand what the Brake Drum is and how it works. So, today Xiaobian Brake Drum on the way to brake this issue with you to explore it
The way the brakes are currently disc brakes and drums, the old car is a lot of the front dish after the drum. Now a lot of cars are before and after the disc brake. Because the disc brake effect is good. Good heat dissipation. The price is more expensive than the drums. So now a lot of low-end car still drum brake.
Disc Brake Drum is a garden plate, the car when it is also moving. The brakes are two pieces of jamming drums. It is fixed. When you brake the brakes, it grips the Brake Drum to slow down or stops. Drum brake is sealed, shaped like a drum, there are many in the country called the brake pad. It is turning when driving. There are two curved or semi-circular brakes fixed on the inside of the drum brake. When the brakes on the two brake pads forced out, rubbing the inner wall of the Brake Drum to play the role of slow down or stop.