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The Reasons For The Phenomenon Of Truck Brake Disc Release Phenomenon
Jun 26, 2017

The reasons for the phenomenon of Truck Brake Disc release phenomenon
 Truck Brake Disc  is a very important part of the braking system, in the course of the use, it will inevitably be some failure, today Xiaobian and we explore the Truck Brake Disc  release some of the reasons for this phenomenon.
    Shrinkage occurs in the Truck Brake Disc  plate pouring position under the surface of the runner side, in the radial direction from the hub closer, where the impact of the flow of liquid by the liquid, the temperature is high, solidification lag, the formation of artificial hot section, Prone to shrink loose. The higher the Truck Brake Disc  hub, the greater the demand for shrinkage, the greater the data, the greater the amount of molten iron drawn from the outside or through the Department; the larger the radius of the Truck Brake Disc , the thinner the wall thickness, In the case of no riser, if the sprue is not enough to fill the pressure, or the inner runner prematurely solidified, it is possible to increase the formation of shrinkage.
 For driving people, all know the important role of Truck Brake Disc s, maintenance is a crucial issue, the Truck Brake Disc s for a certain maintenance is necessary. How to maintain Truck Brake Disc s? The following small series for everyone to sum up a few points:
    1, to timely replacement of brake oil, brake oil with water absorption. If not regularly replaced, the brake oil will absorb the moisture of the air caused by increased water content. When the water content reaches a certain concentration, the brake will produce high temperature will brake oil boiling and produce bubbles. Brake action will delay the action due to the bubble, the brake is not timely and effective.
    2, brake cylinder lubrication to prevent stuck, brake cylinder because the brake oil in the water too much and easy to rust stuck or brake is not sensitive. Lubrication maintenance to ensure that the brake sub-pump reaction sensitive.
    3, to clean the Truck Brake Disc  surface stains, Truck Brake Disc s in the rainy season is easy to rust, brake pads due to lack of lubrication screams, must be taken to deal with lubrication.
 Most Truck Brake Disc s are made of cast iron material, and long exposed, experiencing the wind and sun, the working environment is worse. We all know that iron is very easy to rust, even in the northern rainy season, will make the Truck Brake Disc  surface to generate some rust, these rust more or less will affect the normal work of the brake system, it is necessary to clear it in time. How to remove the Truck Brake Disc s rust? Xiaobian below to tell you.
    If only the surface has a slight rust, you can use the continuous braking method to clear it. In the driving, the light on the brakes, the use of brake pads and Truck Brake Disc s friction surface can be polished. If the rust is more serious, rust more, will cause the Truck Brake Disc  surface uneven, in which case the brake may cause the body of the jitter. This rust is usually difficult to remove by continuous braking, it is recommended that this situation, to the regular repair shop to repair, if necessary, should replace the new Truck Brake Disc s.