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The Working Principle Of Brake Disc
Jun 19, 2017

The working principle of Brake Disc
Brake Disc  are widely used as drive devices for various block brakes and Brake Disc . They can also be used for drive control of various industrial valves, gates, directional oscillations and rotating devices and clamping devices. Widely used in lifting transport, metallurgy, mining, ports, construction and other industries.
First, the characteristics:
1. The shell is cast aluminum alloy, light weight, beautiful appearance.
2. The motor is a non-oil-immersed structure, Class B or Class F insulation. Good heat resistance, long life
3. The motor connection box cover is sealed, the cable packing letter into the line, solid and reliable, electrical enclosure protection class up to IP55.
4. Motor shaft and putter are hard chrome plating surface, so that the life of the seal greatly extended.
5. The cylinder housing is provided with a balance chamber on one side, allowing the actuator to be installed in any direction from 0 to 180 °, thus expanding its use.
6. All seals and bearings using the world famous brand, sealed and reliable, long life.
7. Fasteners are made of stainless steel, beautiful and durable.
Second, the installation:
1. Vertical installation: piston rod connection block up.
2. Horizontal installation and intermediate position: the main parameter signs up.
3. The push rod connection block for all pushers can be rotated. The holder can be rotated at 90 °, and the mount can also provide 90 ° rotation but the mounting height dimension A is increased by 8 mm.
4. No matter what kind of installation position, the piston rod can not bear any force, so as not to affect the use of results and life.
Third, the use of conditions:
1. Continuous operation S1 continuous operation S2, load duration FC = 60%.
2. Rated voltage of 380V three-phase, frequency 50Hz.
3. The ambient temperature should be -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ range, the air relative humidity should not be greater than 90%.