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Volvo Sales Goal Of 800,000 China Market Will Become An Important Support
May 12, 2016

"My heart is out, but I tell them only 90 minutes, so they have the motivation to carry on. "When asked about Volvo's sales team in China when the assessment of the work of this year, Volvo car group marketing, sales and customer services Senior Vice President Alain Visser's joy was palpable.

Volvo has reason to joy. In November of this year, Volvo sales increase in China 45%, 54,000 vehicles, and more importantly through a series of marketing campaigns, as well as the construction of the marketing system, Volvo's market prospects for upcoming models were more confident.

Volvo's first domestically-made cars S60L listed, can be said to carry a lot of people's dreams and expectations, most exciting mood at a presentation ceremony is Geely's Chairman, Li shufu, 5 years ago, lucky buyers of Volvo from Ford, and unexpected domestic road resistance and longer, until finally the domestic car market to this day. In the meantime, Volvo might miss time, but it seems to Visser, Volvo in the past year in the marketing and sales system with greatly expanded on its future development.

Listed on the S60L day, Visser received the k-cars and other media interviews, described his understanding of China's luxury car market, as well as the goals and planning for Volvo in China. Following is the edited interviews.

S60L listed revival started the Volvo Global first shots

Reporter: as the first product of the Volvo cars factory in Chengdu, S60L for Volvo what significance? Sales next year?

Alain:S60L is a product of our landmark, was built by Volvo in China-made models in the first paragraph, shows Volvo's second home market as China's resolve. S60L to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, fully embodies the Volvo's commitment to the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. We have not explicitly set S60L sales target for next year, but it is certainly an important part of Volvo's global restructuring plan.

Current Volvo sold 420,000 vehicles per year worldwide, we expect that by 2020 up to 800,000 vehicles. As Volvo's second home market in China, our medium-and long-term plan for the future is for the Chinese to achieve sales of 200,000 vehicles a year. In this process, the nationalization is an important part of Volvo's global recovery plan, S60L is a milestone for us.

Reporter: Volvo sales for the year fell to 6.1% last year. Among them, China declined to 10.9%. But significant sales growth in China this year, November is up 69.4%. From a global point of view, why did this year in the Chinese market is growing so fast, what do you think is?

Alain: from a global perspective, this year's sales growth is expected. Earlier forecasts for this year, we have a decrease is expected until the first half of the year. This is caused by a number of factors, which are expected before, including capacity constraints. But according to the overall plan, we expect to achieve relatively robust rebound in the second half of this year and growth. Sales continued to rise steadily in the past 5 months, which is completely in line with our expectations for this year. While in December the final sales numbers have not been, but we think this goal can be achieved, will increase from last year.

From the standpoint of China and market performance has been very good, sustained and steady economic growth, and about 42,000 units sold last year, and is expected to reach 60,000 this year, is a very strong growth. I think there are three main reasons:

A growing trend in China's luxury car market as a whole. Now while the overall auto market growth has slowed, but the luxury car market is thriving, growing faster, we were able to take advantage of the luxury car market growth, achieve faster rate than the market average.

Second, the brand value accepted by more and more Chinese consumers. Our unique Nordic design, safety, air quality and other advantages accepted by potential consumers more and more luxury cars.

Three is the new product plan. Like today launched S60L, and can seize more opportunities in this market.

Conclusion for three reasons, we have great confidence in the future development of the Chinese market.

Reporter: in the Volvo in the achievement of the global goal of rejuvenating the process, what are the main challenges and how to overcome it?

Alain: sales growth is not achieved overnight, through the gradual implementation of the strategic plan. Sales growth has two main driving forces, a product line expansion, second, geographic region. To achieve long-term global sales target of 400,000 units, we will seize the high-growth markets, first in China, and the second is the United States.

In this process, I think the most important thing is to grasp the advantages and features of Volvo. Relatively speaking, Volvo sales is a small brand, so our budget does not allow a very lavish marketing campaign, we need to be intelligent, accurate marketing campaign.

Volvo's products have a strong competitive edge. We are the world's only luxury brand from Northern Europe, many consumers are not fully aware of our product and brand. Next step is shaping and differential marketing of the brand, to seize the high-growth market for a growing number of consumers.

Chengdu manufacturing base in the world will be exported in the future United States

Reporters: Chengdu, learned from the presentation before the factory is an important part of Volvo's global manufacturing base. Then, as the Chengdu plant's first product, S60L future export plans? If so, please explain the plans to export and which countries or regions, Chengdu produces other products in the future will have a corresponding export?

Alain: China is one of Volvo's biggest market, in addition to the local supply, strategic considerations are more important to our base in Chengdu, supply products to other markets around the world. Chengdu plant is Volvo, one of the world's three major production bases for its exports of production goods considered by, the answer is Yes.

We are very careful consideration and assessment of the future S60L Chengdu factory, as well as the possibility of other products exported to other markets. S60L is not a "traditional" on the localization, but important part of Volvo's global strategy. Usually talk about domestic cars, consumers have concerns: domestic car prices were relatively cheap, quality will be discounted? Our Volvo very seriously, with very stringent standards in dealing with quality control issues. Chengdu plant produced S60L cars, from any perspective, the quality standard for it no less any Volvo car production in Europe. We have plenty of confidence in the future, S60L will also have a very good sales on the international market. We are now seriously considering the export issue, such as the United States market.