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What Are The Advantages Of Floating Brake Disc?
Jun 26, 2017

What are the advantages of floating Brake Disc?
In the high-performance sports car, racing and modified cars usually use split floating Brake Disc . What are the advantages of floating Brake Disc  ?
    We know that there is a gap between the Brake Disc  and the brake shoe, when the driver depresses the brake pedal, the brake calipers inside the piston action, the first elimination of the gap in order to really implement the brake. And in these brakes in milliseconds on the models, how can the brakes as soon as possible to contact the Brake Disc  is also the engineers need to consider the door. In general, the Brake Disc  and the brake pads on both sides of the gap is large and small, both sides of the piston movement speed is different, if the Brake Disc  axial can not be active, it can only wait for the slow brake shoes to come true brake.
    But if the Brake Disc  is floating, when the side of the brake shoe pressure to the Brake Disc , you can push the Brake Disc  to meet the slow piece of brake pads, thus shortening the brake response time, the final performance of the brake more Quickly and more sensitive. From the performance point of view, floating Brake Disc  has an absolute advantage.
Riding on the brake is a lot of people have encountered the problem, this is because the Brake Disc  caused by uneven. What is the reason for the Brake Disc  discord? Xiaobian to help you analyze the following.
    One reason: in the high-speed heavy when the brakes shake
    High speed when the brake is shaking because of the Brake Disc  caused by uneven, it has nothing to do with the brake pads. Rotation of the components will produce a vibration, this vibration is mainly produced on the tires, it is recommended for a place to do a four-wheel balance to see if the problem is solved to troubleshoot the possibility of tires. If you still shake, to check the following axis, shaft and other related parts. When the road is uneven, the car will be some right to the right. Because the road design to consider the issue of drainage, can not be done very flat, if the road is also a very flat deviation, should go to the maintenance of the place to check.
    Reason two: light step on the direction of the car shake
    This condition indicates that the flatness of the front Brake Disc  has exceeded the required range. That is to say the front Brake Disc  is not flat. In the process of brakes on the left and right two brake pads will go to the Brake Disc , if the Brake Disc  at this time will give the brake a radial force, and this force is very fast speed back and forth Change, the front wheel and the role of the steering, driven by the front wheel led to the direction of jitter.
    To the repair shop to check if the thickness of the front Brake Disc  can be resolved by the optical Brake Disc , if the Brake Disc  has been below the limit thickness or close to the limit thickness can only be replaced by the Brake Disc  to solve The
    Reason three: light brake on the body shake
    This situation is generally the rear Brake Disc  uneven or rear brake drum is not round, resulting in the whole body jitter, especially the rear wheel is the drum brake the vehicle will feel more obvious. This is because the rear wheel did not take the role of steering, the brake will be transmitted directly to the body of the body led to the whole body shake.
    To the repair shop to check if the thickness of the rear Brake Disc  or rear brake drum can be resolved by means of an optical Brake Disc  or an optical brake drum if the Brake Disc  or brake drum has been below the limit thickness or near the limit thickness It can only be replaced to solve.