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What Is The Difference Between A Car Brake Disc And A Ventilated Disc
Jun 06, 2017

Car Brake Disc What is the difference between a car brake disc and a ventilated disc? The ventilation tray is a hollow disc. In general, the disc is solid. Ventilation plate is better heat dissipation, and disc heat dissipation is relatively slow. Their difference is as follows:

  First of all, these two brakes are disc brake, but the ventilation plate in the brake disc hole, so that the brake disc can be more rapid cooling, are generally used in sports cars or racing. Because the process is more cumbersome than the disc brakes, then the cost to go up, and the car does not require ordinary brakes, brake discs will not often be in high heat working conditions, so cost savings, only ordinary disc brakes on it.

  Car Brake Disc Ventilation disc is a kind of brake disc. Brake plate is divided into single-layer non-perforated disk, single-layer perforated plate, double-hole hollow perforated single-layer non-porous general use of a wide range of most cars are this. The advantage is low cost, brake friction block wear is small, good rigidity. The disadvantage is that poor heat dissipation is generally used for motorcycles and some cars. The advantage is better heat dissipation than the perforated plate, but the friction block wear is relatively large, and too many holes will be weakened. Double hollow holes are generally used for demanding, long time brake models, such as sports cars, high-grade large trucks. The advantage is that the heat dissipation is very good, because the double-deck has a channel, can use centrifugal force to help heat, and the stiffness is also very good. The disadvantage is the higher cost, friction block wear is also relatively large.