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Why Does The Brake Drum Fail In Operation?
Oct 24, 2017

Why does the Brake Drum fail in operation?
In the use of the car Brake Drum, if the Brake Drum failure phenomenon, it will give us a risk, what causes the Brake Drum in operation failure?
On the failure of the Brake Drum sample analysis (including longitudinal cracking, creep and table hard spot Brake Drum one), Brake Drum work environment is relatively poor, in the frequent impact of the brake under the impact of thermal stress ( The brakes are equivalent to an impact thermal stress), the rate of heating or cooling is greater than 93 or the heating is quick and the heating is small and the temperature is greater than 102 in the casting. As the Brake Drum heat dissipation conditions are small, resulting in temperature rise, the temperature reaches 730 ℃ or so, if the stability of pearlite will be small decomposition, the volume will expand, causing phase transition stress, only the daily stress and thermal stress If the temperature is higher than the eutectoid transition temperature, the formation of austenite, in the strong cold conditions, if the temperature is higher than the eutectic transition temperature, Such as water-cooled or strong air-cooled, it will form martensite, bainite or sorbite and other hardening phase, which is why the failure of the Brake Drum in the case of cracking at the same time in the table and the formation of hard spots.
Also note that the Brake Drum has a good thermal conductivity, the kinetic energy of the brake into the heat in a timely manner to send out to maintain the stability of the organization, in the pearlite matrix gray cast iron, the highest heat transfer rate is flaky stone Half, the thermal conductivity of the Brake Drum and stone half of the stone and half a long proportional, in order to improve the thermal conductivity of the Brake Drum, stone must be increased and half the length of stone.
On the cause of the Brake Drum failure caused by the problem to introduce this, everyone in the daily car home use, you can refer to the knowledge from the above to protect our correct driving to ensure that our lives safe.
Why does the Brake Drum break? Here's the reason for it, take a look at it:
1, Brake Drum quality. Brake Drums made of cast iron, so wearable, but after all, some brittle, long wear, will cause it to thinning, cracks, broken (if you go to repair the plant, will see the level of damage is replaced Of all kinds of Brake Drum), not only will lead to brake failure, and even fly up to hurt.
2, overload buried bury the root. When the truck overload, frequent brakes lead to poor adhesion or poor heat affect the braking effect, so now the majority of large trucks after modification, or the installation of drip devices, or install the "brake king", although these two devices can increase the overloaded truck Brake effect, but also directly to accelerate the r Brake Drum cracking.
3, drip device and the use of brake king knowledge. Drip device is installed in the cockpit at the top of the tank, the tip of the drip to the wheels of the Brake Drum, and constantly dripping to its cooling, which to some extent can ease the brake failure. However, some drivers do not control the drip cooling degree of this degree, the Brake Drum has been in high temperature redness, still dripping, which can easily lead to Brake Drum cracking.
In addition, the abnormal braking force, making the wheel friction in the ground with a huge loss, will cause the tire to wear, round, leak steel wire, life can not reach the design mileage. In the downhill when the continuous braking operation, the greater the risk, the Brake Drum will be a serious loss, and even cause the braking system overheating, vehicle burned a serious accident.